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Games for your Brain

Game GOO-Learning that Sticks

Learning Planet for Kids


Sheppard's Educational Interactive Site

TrekEarth-World through Photograph

Enchanted Learning -search


Math - Interactive site for Smartboard

First Nation GENERAL sites

Aboriginal Peoples (Learning Lib Wiki links)
Aboriginal Communities in SASK
First Nations Index at Civilization
Museum of Canada
Encylopdia of Saskatchewan -
Aboriginal (First Nation & Metis) entries

First Nation Cultural Groups -Historia

Canada's First Nations: Native Civilisations

Canadian Atlas Online-First Peoples

Specific First Nations sites

Cree nations

Metis (Wikipedia links)

Inuit Culture

Euopean/Asian Cultural Heritages Links

Chinese Custums & Traditions
Chinese Culture
Germany Customs & Traditons
Scottish customs and Symbols

Math sites

Johnnie's Math Page

Demolition Division

Division Bingo

Division Mine


Native American Myths, Legends & Stories to read
Meet Paul Goble
Tipi:Home of the Nomatic Buffalo Hunters

Canadian Info sites
-Canadian Encyclopedia
-About Canada-Gov't of Canada site

-Geography of Canada: Exploring a Vast Country---vide

-Canada Links by Debbie

-Canadian Museum of Civilization

Arctic Community and Habitats

Arctic Plant Life

Arctic Animals

Volcano lesson plans

SmartBoard Resource Web Links

Eduscape -Smart Interactive activities

SmartBoards - Educators Resources

Ready Made SmartBoard Lesson links at GSSD

Saskatoon Public Smart Board Lessons


Text Features Ppt Presentation


Growing with Technology

Internet Safety from Media Awarness
through educational games

More Student Links

Arctic Animal Sites

-Arctic Hare

-Arctic Wolf

-Ptarmagan (Hinterland)

-Snowy Owl (Hinterland)

--Hinterland -Animal & Bird Sound clips


Penguins Sites

Emperor Penguin -EnchantedLearning

Emperor Penguin-National Geog for Kids

Emperor Penguin-National Geograp

Are these REAL Web Sites?

Save the Pacific Northwest Octopus

deCode genetics

Secondhand Smoke




Lucky Duck's Canadian Lynx

Dihydrogen Monoxide

California's Velcro Crop

Stick Insects

Space Scavenger Hunt

Simple Machine


Earthquakes & Volcanoes

VolcanoWorld 4-Kids

Volcanoes (an interactive site)

Volcano Field Trip - from Tramline

Volcano Activities - from CITE Nfd

Earthquake Activities -from CITE Nfd

Tsunami Activities -from CITE Nfd

Being Safe Sites

What is Cyberbullying? -video

Angels and Warriors videos

Part I

Part II




Real Life

PBS-It's My Life -Friends/Bullies


Media Literacy Sites

Don't Buy it. Advertising Trick

World War II Sites:

Holocaust from A to Z -eBook


Pittance of Time Video

C20th Fashion History 1940's




Researching and Learning in our Resource Centre
- Picture Gallery


Classroom Activities:

Treaty Four Visit-Mrs. Struthers Grade

Saskatoon Public School Resource Links



Winter Festival Links:

Christmas, plus Chanukah, Tradition & more Links

Holiday (winter) Traditions from the world -Museum of Science & Industr

Bob's Place of Ed Links-RAMADHAN

Bob's Place of Ed Links-HANUKKAH

Twelve Days of Christmas


Religious Meanings of Christmas


Giving Tree Activity

Everything on the Giving Tree -lessons

Santa Fun Sites:

Santa's Workshop

Many Faces of Santa

Santa Fun Site

Christmas Games

iBoard Christmas Activities

Christmas Graphics


Debbie's Christmas Links

December Holidays & Celebration Link

Bob's Place --Christmas Holiday Links


December Holiday Webquests

>Christmas Around the World
Scavenger Hun

>Winter Holiday Celebration webques

>Winter Holiday Around the world webquest

>Symbols and Traditions of Christmas


iBoard Christmas Activities

SMARTBoard Christmas Holiday Resources

Ms. V. Smotra-Cook,

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