Grade 8 Farewell

We are excited to welcome families of our Grade 8 students to our Grade 8 Farewell to be held on Thursday, June 24.  We will have two parts to our celebration:


  • 1:30 pm  – Online Zoom ceremony.  Please register your email address with your child's Grade 8 teacher to be invited to this virtual ceremony.
  • 4:00 -6:00 – Come and go, socially distanced in-person family event.  Tickets are mandatory to attend.


As COVID protocol will affect how many can attend our event, families must do the following to attend:

  1. Request tickets (Maximum of four per family, not including Grade 8 student) by filling out the request form and returning it to school by Wednesday, June 9.
  2. Choose the time for your family to attend via by June 9 (link below).  Families should plan to move through the event stations in approximately 30 minutes.  (Ex: If you choose 5:00, you will be done by 5:30.)

Ms. Chan's class:

  Mr. Schneider's class:

Please contact the school at 306-791-8553 with any questions or concerns.  Thank you for celebrating our young adults with us!